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new to pool!

Postby » Wed 04 Jan, 2006 22:30

Hi All!
I purchased a new home in July, and I maily bought the home for the inground pool. Got to keep the kids busy in the summer! Anyhow this home was part of an estate sale, and I was told by the daughter that the pool had been closed for the past 8 yrs while her parents were ill. The pool had been covered up with a heavy duty custom built plywood cover, as the older folks had no intention of swimming in it anymore. I was told by the real estate gentleman that all it would need would be a new liner, and filter and pump. I started dismantling the cover late in the summer and have no clue what I am looking at. The concrete surrounding the pool is intact, with no cracks. The pool is 16x32 with a sand hopper (I guess it is called) and there is a plastic circular hole set in the concrete near the skimmer. To my dismay, the pool was just drained and covered. the liner is obviously useless, and the walls appear to be steel, with steel coping. I have been searching the net for any kind of books, diagrams or anything to give me information about how to proceed with this thing, but havent found anything at all. I dont want to call anyone in, as they will charge an arm and a leg and probably rip me off. Any advice, hints, good books out there that anyone can recommend????

Pool Helper

Refurbish pool

Postby Pool Helper » Thu 05 Jan, 2006 03:49

Hi Heather

Sounds like you've got yourself a real job to undertake. Firstly you should check/ test the piping to make sure it's in good order.

Then it's advisable to service the pump and replace the sand in your filter. As far as the liner is concerned, if the shell of the pool is in good nick, you could go ahead and relace it (but you may want to get a pro in to do it).

If you have some pictures it may help someone here to give you better advice.

Good luck.

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