Cloudy water returns after 2 days of clear water

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Frustrated pool boy

Cloudy water returns after 2 days of clear water

Postby Frustrated pool boy » Thu 31 May, 2007 12:31

I got my pool open with clear water after balancing and floc'ing. After 2-3 days of swimming and adding 2 lbs of PH rise, my water is cloudy again. Other chem's are in good range based on test strips. Do I need to floc again? Also, the pressure in my filter is running around 5 psi. Seems low to me. Is this a symptom of a filter problem?

Daniel mc Daid
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Pool Enthusiast
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Postby Daniel mc Daid » Fri 01 Jun, 2007 09:39

this could be simple if your Ph is to high your pool can go clouldy check your levels. they should be around 7.2
Frustrated pool boy

But what about the pressure

Postby Frustrated pool boy » Thu 07 Jun, 2007 14:21

Is 5 psi enough pressure to indicate the sand filter is working properly?

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