What pool light to get??? Or fiberoptic?

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Jason B
I'm new here
I'm new here
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What pool light to get??? Or fiberoptic?

Postby Jason B » Thu 31 May, 2007 21:29

My current light is burnt out and I was thining of going with one of the Hayward Color Logic led lights. Anyone have one? Suggestions?

I've heard the fiberoptic lights that you mount around the pool coping don't last, so maybe I'd try this?


Postby EHill » Wed 11 Jul, 2007 12:42

We just finished resurfasing our pool and we have the Hayward Color Logic light you are asking about and we love it! we had people over and they were very impressed. It's not a cheap light but we are very glad we went ahead with the purchase. So yes, I do recommend it!

Postby Guest » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 10:37

I have the pentair fiberworks fiber optic lighting, I love it, it makes the entire pool just glow with color. there is no power to the water, everything is out of the water except the fiber optic strands that go into the pool... love it love it love it

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