pumping problems

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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pumping problems

Postby mudhole » Thu 31 May, 2007 23:08

I have a 16x32 inground with hayword pump. It is about 12 yrs old. This year the pressure is higher than usual, and after filtering for about an hour it jumps up about 4 pounds. Backwashing lowers it back to about 18, then it goes back up to 20+. At this time it is pumping very little water. The drain screw on the side of the plastic box is stripped. I have it installed using teflon tape, but it could be leaking pressure. I really don't know if this would be a pressure or suction point.


pumping problems

Postby mikeinmd » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 08:06

I am having a similar problem. My pump is only 4 years old. I took the pump in to have it serviced and the impellar was replaced. This has allowed the pump to operate at good pressure for a longer period. However, when I hook up the vacuum the pressure increases very quickly. I only get about 5-10 minutes of suction. I am thinking about replacing the hoses to see if they are a problem.

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