Temporary closure of pool

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Temporary closure of pool

Postby Blom » Mon 09 Jan, 2006 15:08

I have a newborn and for safety reasons want to close my pool for several years. What is the best solution for maintenance of the pool and how to cover the pool. I have an in ground pool.

Pool Helper

Close a swimming pool

Postby Pool Helper » Wed 11 Jan, 2006 15:01

It seems a pity to close the pool for a few YEARS. Infants can derive immense benefit from swimming.

If you are intent on closing the pool, then I would suggest draining it and filling it with sand (river sand or building sand). This will not ruin the pool and will be relatively easy to remove down the line. Also you will have no interim maintenance costs for electricity, chemicals, etc.

Have you considered a fence or a pool cover to keep your child away from the pool water?

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