Mustard Algea????

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Mustard algae

Postby Guest » Wed 06 Jun, 2007 22:11

Is adding sand to the filter difficult? Do you need to be very strong?


brown powder in pool

Postby Lorena » Wed 28 May, 2008 20:27

:) OK, So i have a cartridge filter, and i have had brown powdery looking stuff in filter, put skimmer sock in, and when I remove it you can literally roll the stuff off with your hand is very disturbing. When it dries it rips apart. My Cartridge filter is going on 3rd year, is completely in tact, I have spent more money and time etc.... you name it chlorine etc....
I seriuosly would like to know what the heck this stuff is. Can't really vaccuum to waste as it moves somewhat when you move over it, not sure how to vaccuum to waste with cartridge filter, ready to scream :
I always believed algae to be slimey, this stuff is not, saw in my neighbors pool too, however she is clueless as well....HELP!!! What is coats the bottom of the pool, clarifier gets it to skimmer and somewhat dissapates eventually, but do not like swimming in stuff of unknown origin...Any light to be shed?? Pool has been tested and completely balanced have had this prob for 2 years now.

Mustard Algea????

Postby Guest » Mon 24 Aug, 2009 13:37

Thank you Debbie, I just started having this problem over the last 2 months and i have spent so much money trying to get my Mustard Algea cleared up...I do think we may have a crack in the filter, and need to change the sand...I am past the frustrating point...Glad that I read your post...

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