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Brand new pool owner

Postby chimicole » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 12:34

Help everyone... :wink:

Hubby bought me a test kit, cause I wanted to keep our pool nice and clean for the children and ourselves to enjoy...
I tested, and boy- oh boy!!!!!

Here's my numbers:

Chlorine 0.6
Bromine 1.3
pH 7.6
Hardness 450 ppm
alkaline 340 ppm (NOT a joke... I did it twice to be sure!)
Stabilizer (I get no reading at all)

Can anyone help me as to what to do? I am at a total loss for this, and I bought some "pH down" and a package of "Shock Extra blue" and a floater with chlorine tablets in it.

I've not used anything yet, not sure what to use and how, so I surely would appreciate any and all information from you experts out there!

Thank you kindly......

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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby Buggsw » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 14:51

How's your water look and smell?

If you are using Chlorine in your pool, you don't need to worry about Bromine.

People use one or the other - do not ever just blindly switch from using Bromine to Chlorine and vice versa.

One thing you forgot to post was your pool water volume in gallons and what type of pool (ie vinyl, plaster, fiberglass).

I don't know ingredients by brand name - what are the ingredients of the Shock Extra Blue? Usually it's trichlor or dichlor or Cal Hypo.

Don't freak out, the worst thing you have going is you don't have nearly enough chlorine. Your TA is extremely high, but let's get your chlorine up.

I'm going to base this as if you had 10,000 gallong pool - adjust accordingly.

Run your pump when adding most chemicals, unless told otherwise.
Use regular laundry bleach or pool store chlorine to bring it up to 5 ppm for now. If you use regular laundry bleach use 1 gallon per 10000 gallons of water. If you use pool store chlorine (12.5% strength) - 1/2 gallon will do. Keep your chlorine level around 3 - 4 daily, so add a little bleach when it's gets down to 3.

You need to add Cyanuric Acid - get it at the pool store. You will need 3 lbs for 10000 gallons of water - put it in a sock and hang it near a return - it takes a long time to dissolve.

Don't use anything like Cal Hypo which will add calcium to your water. You are already at the high end with hardness.

You pH is actually okay, but it's your TA that is high. In order to lower TA, you need to lower your pH. This is a lengthy process, but it does work. Since you already have pH down, you might as well use that, assuming it is Sodium Bisulfate. Follow the directions to lower you pH down to 7.0. If you have a vinyl pool, absolutely don't let your pH go below 7.0 or you may damage your vinyl.

Now you need to raise your pH without raising your TA. You do that by aerating your pool. Anything that will make bubbles or droplets in your pool, turn the jets upwards to create turbulence, turn on a waterfall, built in aerator or one of those floating fountains and keep them going until your pH rises back up to 8. Repeat the lowering with your pH down to 7.0 and then aerate until your pH is back up to 8. You should start to see your TA going down about 5 to 10 ppm with each application.

I know that sounds lengthy, but you really need to do it, else you will constantly have wild swings in your pH. TA buffers pH - too little causes swings and too much causes swings.

Run your pump 24/7 until you get your water back in balance.
Test your readings once per day, at least. Don't test for at least 4 - 6 hours after adding chemicals - your water won't have circulated nearly enough.

Postby Guest » Sat 02 Jun, 2007 15:48

Thanks for the're a doll!

Pool size is 15' X 48" round. It's a metal frame above ground vinyl and holds 4,440 gal.

The Shock is dichlor (63%).

The pH down is Sodium Bisulfate, so I will use that.
As far as the aerating goes, will the children kicking and playing be enough air bubbles?

Thanks again for your info! I sure do appreciate it! :)
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby Buggsw » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 12:25

Since you are showing no CYA, dichlor is fine to use. It will lower your pH a bit as it's mildly acidic, but it is stabilized so should add to your CYA. If your CYA get's up too high, it will take more chlorine to sanitize. You do need CYA though to buffer/stabilize chlorine. I know it all sounds like you are chasing your tail when it's all new info, but don't worry. Once you get a handle on it, it's really a breeze to take care of a pool.

Actually, yes, the kids splashing around in the pool will help raise your pH.

For your pool size 1 pound of CYA at the pool store or Walmart will do for now. Place it in a sock or stocking and tie it to the ladder or something so it hangs in your pool. If you try to broadcast it, it will lay around on your vinyl - a bit acidic. It is very slow to dissolve.

Keep a very close eye on your chlorine and your pH and you'll be fine.

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