Help pool green and very nieve to pool maintence.

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Help pool green and very nieve to pool maintence.

Postby sg05 » Mon 04 Jun, 2007 12:47

We are new pool owners to an existing inground pool. We took a sample to pool store they told us that the readings are as follows
ph= 7.0
TA= 80
The lady then ignored us after and could not get any help. The water is green. In some parts of the pool mainly shallow you can see the algae settled at the bottom. Do we shock it? What do we do? With buying the home money is kind of tight right now, need inexspensive advice.

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Postby Buggsw » Mon 04 Jun, 2007 23:01

Sorry to hear you received such poor service at your pool store. Sometimes they go to the other extreme and breathe down your neck trying to sell you all kinds of stuff you really don't need.

You most definately need to shock it. You need to bring you total chlorine up to 20 and keep it up there for a few days.

If you have 10000 gallons add 3.3 gallons of regular strength Chlorox bleach. Buy a few more gallons because you will need them to keep it high over the next few days.

Run your pump 7/24, vacuum and backwash daily. Get a test kit and test your water daily, too. You also need to find out what your CYA (stabilizer) readings are. If you have 0 ppm CYA then you need to get enough in to bring it to 30. You should also find out what your calcium hardness is.

Don't be surprised that your pool will cloud up. You will be seeing dead algae clouding it up. It will clear, just keep that pump running and backwash frequently like I said.

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