Aqua Rite High Chlorine

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Aqua Rite High Chlorine

Postby Flapoolguy » Mon 04 Jun, 2007 20:23

Hi I got High chlorine levels in my pool. have the aqua rite turned down as low as it will go and chlorine is staying at 5 ppm or above, its been like this sence pool was built 4 months ago. fig the summer sun would start bringing it down but so far its staying high. should I just shut it off for a day and see if it comes down that way, just do not want to have it drop too low and get a green pool as water is 87 now. everything else is good ph 7.4, ALK 90, cal 295,salt is 3000, stabilizer was at 100 ppm but that has been on high side from when the pool comp filled the pool and set it all up for us.

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Postby Buggsw » Mon 04 Jun, 2007 23:52

Since your stabilizer is at 100, your chlorine at 5ppm is actually low for effectiveness.

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