Water delivered to new pool - turned green within 2 hours!

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Water delivered to new pool - turned green within 2 hours!

Postby KFS » Tue 05 Jun, 2007 11:28

Clean city water (can smell the chlorine!) delivered to our new (to us) a/g pool with existing 8" of well water to set liner.

It is a light drizzle and cold today.

Pool water is turning green within hours of being put in.

No filter/chemicals yet because DH is not home to install skimmer/etc AND pool chem retailer cautioned us not to use ANY chemicals prior to first water analysis - which we cannot possibly do until tomorrow a.m.

Is this normal in filling a new pool? I thought we could count on clean, clear fresh water for at least a few days?

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 06 Jun, 2007 00:14

When you test your water, make sure you test for metals.

Green pool immediately - answered!

Postby KFS » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 10:31


It was the trace amounts of chlorine in the delivered (city) water reacting to the foot or so of our own well water (otherwise known as "liquid iron").

The pool turned a pretty blue within 24 hours (we were able to resuscitate the old cartridge filter and pump for the duration).

It was sparkly and pretty blue and professionally tested "clean" (and algae free!) yesterday. They had me "shock" it last night as part of the start-up and, you guessed it, GREEN POOL THIS AM!

Now that I know what it is - hard, metallic water does NOT love chlorine ;) -- it's almost funny.

DH told our daughter that if she swims in it she'll turn green "like Shrek."

So she's been swimming all morning and is eagerly awaiting turning green! ;)

I posted the update so if anyone else has this issue - they might remember this.

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