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Alan 123

Water testing advice

Postby Alan 123 » Wed 06 Jun, 2007 09:42

I'm using aquachek test strips and our water in pool was filled yesterday.
My first question is after dipping strip and waiting 15 seconds, should readings be taken immediately? I noticed colors change after a minute or so giving different results. We've run a shock treatment, put in algecide, added stabilizer this morning and a clarifier. Free chlorine is in OK range at about 2, PH 7.2, total alkalinity high at 180, and cyanuric reads low at 0. Any advice? I read if PH is good then high alkalinity is not a big problem. Our water still has a greenish look.

Thanks for any advice

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Postby Buggsw » Thu 07 Jun, 2007 04:01

I just bought some Aquacheck test strips and I have to say, I don't like them.

They are very difficult to read and yes you should read them immediately upon reaching the 15 seconds.

I use test strips on a daily basis unless I am having a problem. But I always use a good drop test kit at least once per week.

I found these strips are much more difficult to judge the colors and were totally wrong on my TA. I cross checked with another brand of test strips and 2 other brands of a drop based test kits, to be sure. The Aquachecks were so far off the mark that it was alarming. It said I had 0 to 40 TA, when every other test showed my TA at 100. Big difference.

I also think they are harder to read because the strips I bought have about 7 different tests on one strip. I think it's too much at one time to comprehend the color matches and as time elapses the colors change quite a bit and your match may not be accurate.

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