Green algea pool

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Green algea pool

Postby Junebug0018 » Wed 25 Jan, 2006 17:31

would you suggest putting bleach in it. If so how much. someone has told me to do that. The pool place told me to put 4 gallons of shock ever 2 days but that gets a lil pricey.

Algea Helper

Green algea pool

Postby Algea Helper » Sun 29 Jan, 2006 06:58

Bleach would work well. The amount to use depends on the volume of pool water and the amount of algea. The quality of the bleach is also a critical factor.

Regular supermarket bleach contains about 5% chlorine, liquid chlorine for pool use typically contains 12% chlorine and shock chlorine contains 65-70% chlorine. So if you're going to use bleach, make sure it costs 13 times less than shock chlorine or you will end up overpaying.

After the first chlorine treatment you should wait 24 hours and measure the free chlorine level. If the level is below 3ppm, shock again with half the initial dosage. Repeat the testing and shocking until the chlorine level stays at 3ppm. The water will clear within a couple of days.

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