washcloth sucked into pvc

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washcloth sucked into pvc

Postby deej » Sat 28 Jan, 2006 16:22

my son sucked up a washcloth he had thrown into the pool. i've tried blowing it out and sucking it out with a wet vac to no avail. the snake I have won't make the bends. help!

Pool Helper

Pool pipe blocked

Postby Pool Helper » Sun 29 Jan, 2006 06:41

This is a tough one? :?

There is a kind of tool we use for unblocking small diameter waste water pipes. It's a flexible rod that looks like a tightly wound up spring and it has a bit on one end like a corkscrew. The other end has a handle that you turn to drive the corkscrew end into the obstruction. If you could find something like this (wish I knew its name) it would probably work. You would drive the corkscrew end into the washcloth and could then pull it back out.

The other alternatives are to disconnect the pipe on the filter side if possible and try to push the cloth out that way. It's hard to say if this would work without knowing the plumbing layout of your pool.

I got it out!

Postby deej » Sun 29 Jan, 2006 20:45

wet vac finally popped that sucker loose. lucky. thanks for the reply.
Daniel move


Postby Daniel move » Sat 24 May, 2008 18:22

I think the correct answer for the tool you were looking for the name to was a " snake " or " router " hope this helps if the situation were to reoccur.

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