Problem with waste hose fitting

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Problem with waste hose fitting

Postby Guest » Thu 07 Jun, 2007 19:50

Hi, all. My husband and I just successfully replaced our ancient DE filter with a Hayward 48 sq. ft. model, and we replaced the valve at the same time. With the previous equipment, we had 1 1/2" pvc piping, and a 1 1/2" waste hose. We now have 2" piping, and so we bought a 2" waste hose. It doesn't seem to fit on the pipe easily -- or at all, really. My husband yanked and pulled and fought with it until he got it onto the pipe a bit, and put a clamp around it, but the moment I started vacuuming the darned thing popped off, spraying water all around our filter/pump area until we could get it shut off.

My question is this: is there some kind of special fitting for the end of that short length of 2" pipe that extends out from the valve, maybe a piece with a smaller-diameter end that will make the 2" waste hose fit better? Or are we doing something wrong? We used the old filter, the old valve, and the old waste hose successfully for eleven years, and it didn't seem like there was anything special about how it attached to its bit of 1 1/2" pipe.


Amy G.

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