pool looks like snow-globe

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pool looks like snow-globe

Postby Bart22065 » Fri 08 Jun, 2007 09:57

I have recently used "Sparkle-Up" by Bioguard, in conjunction with "Pool Magnet" to remove any trace metals from my pool water. Since this treatment, I have been trying to clear the water with very little success. There are many many white flakes floating in the water that just won't seem to filter out. It truly looks like a snow-globe. They just float around suspended in the water. It is as if they are simply not heavy enough to sink to the bottom and get into the drain.

Is patience the only answer, or is there something else I can do to get these white flakes out of the water?


pool looks like snow-globe

Postby Guest » Wed 29 May, 2013 19:39

Mine does too. How did you fix it?
Eleonore Ballentine
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I'm new here
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pool looks like snow-globe

Postby Eleonore Ballentine » Thu 29 Aug, 2013 06:51

It sounds like your calcium may be high which can cause it to precipitate out in what looks like flakes. Did you tested the pH level? I think it will be substantially high. Try reducing the pH level by adding hot tub chemicals containing acid content. Also choose the solutions which can free up the calcium content from water.
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pool looks like snow-globe

Postby jenythomas001 » Tue 24 Sep, 2013 01:21

Patience is not the only solution for this problem, i think you should consult from some pool maintenance experts and they will suggest you to add some chemicals which will help you to remove the small particles completely.

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