Blue filter cartridge

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Steve S

Blue filter cartridge

Postby Steve S » Mon 30 Jan, 2006 05:41

I bought a Pool Wizard and put it in my skimmer a few days ago. Now I see that the filter cartridges have a blue layer on them.

Why is this and what should I do?

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Blue filter cartridge

Postby Larry » Mon 30 Jan, 2006 07:46

Hi Steve

This situation is normal for a new Pool Wizard installation. The Pool Wizard minerals dissolve out of the unit rapidly (usually within a few hours). The mineral complexes take time to dissipate throughout the pool (up to a week) and so a portion may get "stuck" on the cartridge.

The minerals on the cartridge have been shown to increase the clarification rate of the pool water by destroying the algae and bacteria that come into contact with the filter during the pump cycle.

It is recommended not to wash this blue layer off the filter immediately, but rather to give it time to mix into the pool water.

In field studies of the Pool Wizard we have found that the mineral complexes can leave a permanent stain on the cartridges, though this is only cosmetic and does not hinder the function of either the Pool Wizard or of the filter.
Steve S

Blue filter cartridge

Postby Steve S » Wed 22 Feb, 2006 06:01

A few weeks have gone by and I checked the cartridge again. No more blue and no visible staining.

My pool is perfect. Sparkling clear and blue. I've added almost no chlorine and followed your recommendations to stop using clarifier and algicide. Thanks for this brilliant product.


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