gunite bond beam

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gunite bond beam

Postby r4dks » Fri 03 Feb, 2006 12:09

Can someone answer some questions for me? I am building my own pool. Well, I am subcontracting. The gunite is done, but the decking company is pointing out how crooked my raised bond beam walls are. There are a couple of feet of wall that are not vertically straight. The wall angles in as it goes down. Other areas are fine. I have the tile company coming to bid the tile work, but I want to know how this problem should be handled before talking to this next subcontractor.
Thanks anyone out there!

Pool Helper

Gunite problems

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 07 Feb, 2006 12:55

You don't mention whether the pool is a regular or free-form shape. If it is free-form, the angled wall should be OK. If the pool is going to be tiled as you have inferred, then the angled wall will look out of place.

What have the gunite folks said about this?

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