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Pool Salt

Postby czechmate » Thu 20 Aug, 2009 16:03

Lowe's sells pools salt in large bags.
They just may be less expensive than a pool store.
I did not know myself, that salt system was so widely loved by the pool owners.
Maybe it made a progress.


Pool Salt

Postby fourpeakspools » Fri 18 Sep, 2009 01:48

I didn't know there was this many uninformened people. if you have questions about your pool, call a licenced and insured pool professional. Trust me, they will take care of you. If you can't find one, check your local paper.

Pool Salt

Postby fourpeakspools » Fri 18 Sep, 2009 01:52

Half my pools in Scottsdale, AZ are salt. I love em. but they do need special care.

Pool Salt

Postby jimd » Wed 28 Apr, 2010 09:26

jimd wrote:
grami wrote:Irs2,
when you find the salt let me know too as I also cannot find it anywhere.

do not use iodized salt, water softner salt does great 4th year salt pool LOVE IT
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Pool Salt

Postby DoughBoy Pool Dude » Fri 18 Jun, 2010 13:39

Would there be any adverse effects with using salt in my <a href="http://doughboypools.org">Doughboy Pools</a>?
DoughBoy Pools

Pool Salt

Postby DoughBoy Pools » Fri 18 Jun, 2010 13:40

Would there be any adverse effects with using salt in my Doughboy Pools?

Pipe Mike

Pool Salt

Postby Pipe Mike » Mon 28 Mar, 2011 12:58

I have an in-ground salt water pool. We always (ALWAYS) dump the bags of salt around the deep end. We use salt pellets (for water softeners) because it's cheaper than pool salt at Lowes and Home Depot. Our pool vacuum device sucks it up slowly as it skims the bottom, and the rest that dissolves gets sucked up thru the bottom return line. The skimmer is far too small to add the salt to.

Pool Salt

Postby Guest » Sun 29 May, 2011 16:45

Walmart carries the morton pool salt
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Salt Dissolve Rate

Postby hurleygirlie05 » Sat 20 Aug, 2011 09:38

Thanks for the tip on what salt to buy! We bought "Pool Salt" at Sam's Club but it was $5 something a bag and the water softener salt was $3 something a bag! Next time we'll be buying salt for a water softener.

My main question is how long does the salt take to dissolve? My husband is worried about the salt puncturing holes in the bottom of the pool since it is vinyl. Our pool is about 76 degrees as I am sure temperature plays a role in how fast it dissolves. He wants to put the salt in 5 gallon buckets in the pool but I think it will take way too long for the salt to dissolve that way.

Thanks for any help you can give us!
the pool boy

Pool Salt

Postby the pool boy » Sun 11 Sep, 2011 05:33

DONT EVER add chemicals through a skimmer. Always distribute around perimeter of pool, or broadcast over the surface. When adding salt, if you can bypass your heater, DO IT.

Pool Salt

Postby Guest » Thu 15 Sep, 2011 19:25

If you want to destroy your chlorine generator cell, then dump the salt into the skimmer!

You do not want to get high levels of salt into your cell!!

Pool Salt

Postby mcgsxr » Tue 29 May, 2012 11:10

lrs2 wrote:I am a new pool user...Bought an Intex 24" round pool..Also wanted to go with a salt system...got the system, can't find anyone who sells the salt! Called Morton Salt co. they have the pool salt, said HomeDepot has it...tried 5 stores, none have it. Help would be appreciated

Pool Salt is a food grade salt with no additives. water softener systems have additives to clean and maintain a healthy water system. Pool salt should be added directly to the pool with the pool in the off position till the salt is completely dissolved. the level of salt should be between 3200 and 3400 PPM (tested by a salt meter) 1 40lb bag of salt will raise 500ppm per 10,000gal.

If you were to add water softener salt to your pool you would throw the chemical reading off, you my not even see a chlorine reading but it will keep the pool clear.

Pool Salt

Postby tomdfw1 » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 21:10

Too much salt can be corrosive...just distribute it throughout your pool...most of it will dissolve before hitting bottom...then get your brush out and just direct the rest toward the drain...I would not dump in skimmer directly.

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