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Pool Salt

Postby Guest » Thu 15 Sep, 2011 19:25

If you want to destroy your chlorine generator cell, then dump the salt into the skimmer!

You do not want to get high levels of salt into your cell!!


Pool Salt

Postby mcgsxr » Tue 29 May, 2012 11:10

lrs2 wrote:I am a new pool user...Bought an Intex 24" round pool..Also wanted to go with a salt system...got the system, can't find anyone who sells the salt! Called Morton Salt co. they have the pool salt, said HomeDepot has it...tried 5 stores, none have it. Help would be appreciated

Pool Salt is a food grade salt with no additives. water softener systems have additives to clean and maintain a healthy water system. Pool salt should be added directly to the pool with the pool in the off position till the salt is completely dissolved. the level of salt should be between 3200 and 3400 PPM (tested by a salt meter) 1 40lb bag of salt will raise 500ppm per 10,000gal.

If you were to add water softener salt to your pool you would throw the chemical reading off, you my not even see a chlorine reading but it will keep the pool clear.

Pool Salt

Postby tomdfw1 » Tue 26 Jun, 2012 21:10

Too much salt can be corrosive...just distribute it throughout your pool...most of it will dissolve before hitting bottom...then get your brush out and just direct the rest toward the drain...I would not dump in skimmer directly.

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