yellow/orange stains around pool

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yellow/orange stains around pool

Postby davids » Sat 04 Feb, 2006 19:00

After cleaning my pool from its green leaf filled state I got the water crystal clear but I have yellow stains everywhere that won't brush off. Some one told me that algea got under the calcium deposits and are there to stay. some came off the bottom with algea cure. but not the sides. I added POOL RX and the water is now crystal clear but don't know if its helping with the stains. Cane you give me any other ideas? thanks for your help

Pool Helper

Pool stains

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 07 Feb, 2006 11:20

Hi David

You mentioned calcium deposits. If you have calcium buildup on the pool walls then the staining may be a result of the scale. What is the surface of the pool (liner, plaster, marcite)?

Check your pH, total alk and hardness levels. With these values at hand we'll try to figure out how to get rid of the stains you have.

pool liner stains

Postby » Sun 04 Jun, 2006 10:07

Hi. I drained my built in pool to clean it from a major algae problem. It is now full and clear but at the very bottom of the deep end and also I can see foot prints where I was walking there are light green stains that I cannot brush away. The pool is a liner and the ph is in normal range and I added a little algaeside bit its not working. Can you give me any advise. Thanks

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