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Ricky J
I'm new here
I'm new here
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New Pool Leak

Postby Ricky J » Sat 04 Feb, 2006 19:14

Hi there, I am very new here and hopefully someone can help my situation.
We had a fibreglass pool put in 10th January 06 and 24th had the solar heating put in by the same installers from the pool company (was pre plumbed for solar).
Since then the pool has been losing water at 35mm per 24hr period the solar water comes in through a pipe opposite the skimmer box at other end and there are 3 solar outlets about 1metre down from skimmer box.
The pool company don't seem to be in a hurry to fix it but acknowledge there is a leak.
They did send a guy out with the food coloring bottle but couldn't find any leak.
What should I do panic and start threatening them with lawyers?
The pool is 8.4 metres X 4.3 metres and 1metre shallow to 2metres deep end I think approximately 45,000 -50,000 litres.
We have probably lost about 300-400mm in water so far.
The ground is clay and there is no sign of wet ground anywhere and I have dug a few area as it is just fine quarry dust around pool at the moment.
Any advise would be appreciated


Pool Leak

Postby SG » Mon 06 Feb, 2006 20:18

The first thing you want to do is find out if the leak is in the plumbing or the pool shell. I would suggest turning off the pump and installing some plugs into the plumbing(returns and skimmer etc.). Leave the pool for 24hrs and see if the leak stops. after this simple test you will at least know where to start looking for the leak. If the leak stops you will need a pressure test of the plumbing, If the leak continues you will need to get a diver to find the problem.
Pool Helper

Pool leak

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 07 Feb, 2006 12:50

Great advice SG.

It sounds like the water loss began after the solar heating was rigged up. I would test the pool itself for leaks and then focus on the solar setup.

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