What to do While on Vacation

Adding chemicals, vacuuming, backwashing,
brushing, filter care, filter cleaning, replacing
worn or broken pool parts
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What to do While on Vacation

Postby Eric » Mon 11 Jun, 2007 14:20

This seems like an obvious topic, yet search has not turned up any discussion.

I'll be away for a week during the summer for a vacation. I was planning to leave the solar cover on (to minimize evaporation), add chlorine shock (might as well do a shock while no one will be using the pool), and add enough chlorine tablets to last a week. The filter is on a timer and will run every day. With enough chlorine, I think the pool will be OK on its own. It will certainly need a good vacuuming when I get back.

I could put the winter cover on for the week. But this seems unnecessary. Thoughts?

The local pool service company offers "vacation pool sitting" for $70/week. Is the necessary?

How do you handle your pool while you're away?

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Postby Walter » Mon 11 Jun, 2007 18:36

IF it were mine i would fill it with water to the top of the pool and leave it covered and run it on a limited time. Or to play it safe pay for the vacation service.
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Postby Backglass » Mon 11 Jun, 2007 19:21

I'm with Walter. Do you have any neighbors/buddies who could drop by mid-week and drop a puck in the skimmer?

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