Pump making noise but not moving water...

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Pump making noise but not moving water...

Postby cosmichobo » Sun 05 Feb, 2006 21:15


RE previous post concerning leaky pipe...

Over Xmas/New Year I went away on holidays. When I came home, pool was green, and the pump wasn't moving any water. The water level then dropped radically after I attempted to flush the return pipe to see if there was a clog in the pipe... As such I have spent last month or so breaking thru some concrete, and then fixing the burst connector just under the skimmer.

So, topped up the water, and turned the pump on.... left it for 5 min to prime... nothing... I don't know if it means anything, but if you take the plastic cover off the pump inspection area, and turn the pump on, the water in the chamber doesn't move except for vibration ripples. (The pump is making noise, vibrates, sounds like it normally does).

There is definately no leak any more (well, a leak expert only identified one leak, and I've fixed it)... Why isn't the pump doing its job?

It is a Pantera PPP750 pump... (Australia)

Thanks greatly


Pool Helper

Pool pump problem

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 07 Feb, 2006 13:21

Is the pump on single-phase or 3-phase electricity?

3-phase pumps often sound like they're working alright even when the phases are switched. They are actually turning backwards and will not pump.

Also check the impeller. It may have broken off the drive shaft hence the motor runs but the impeller won't move.
Pool Helper

Pool pump problem

Postby Pool Helper » Tue 07 Feb, 2006 13:23

Just did a web search and discovered that the Pantera PPP750 works on single phase so that's not an option.

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