New at this/ Treated pool but can't clear water

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New at this/ Treated pool but can't clear water

Postby Sparks » Tue 12 Jun, 2007 17:43

I am new at this...So here it is. I have treated the water with a sequestering agent for present iron and manganese, then shocked it, within minutes water turned brownish-green. I was told to add more shock, did that and it is even worse. Pool has been running for 3 days with no improvement. Any suggestions?

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Postby Backglass » Tue 12 Jun, 2007 19:42

The sequestrate actually did it's job of getting the metals out of solution (thats the color you see). Now you need to wait for the filter to filter it all out. Be sure to run 24/7...depending on your filters efficiency it could take a few days.

Postby Kmann » Thu 14 Jun, 2007 14:02

I had the same problem Last year when I filled my above ground pool for the first time. Heres what I did. I shocked the pool and left the pump run for about 24 hours (cleaning the filter as needed). Next I shut down the pump so the water in the pool would stop moving. After another 24 hours, 95% of the discoloration settled to the bottom of the pool. I took the filter out of my pump and let it discharge hose pour out on the ground. Next I used the intake hose to vacuum off the bottom of the pool. You have to be gentle as not to stir up the scum your trying to vacuum out. This year I overfilled the pool to allow for the bit of water I will loose when I vacuum it. Hope this helps

Postby Sparks » Thu 14 Jun, 2007 18:19

Thanks for your replies.

I went to the supply store today and had a water test done, turns out that the water is really hard and even with the seguestering agent chlorine shock will react and so I was told by the technician to do a high dose of non chlorine shock then after 24 hrs add a high dose of algaeside, because the brownish color is gone but now it is bright green. All other water factors, ph etc were he said if this dose not do it I will have to drain the pool and get different water. If it dose work he gave me a weekly routine to follow to keep the water nice and clear....I pray it works. He also told me the same thing to shut pump down and let things settle before I ues the vac. Thanks again for your help!

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