cloudy pool and veeery itchy skin! help

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cloudy pool and veeery itchy skin! help

Postby pa441 » Tue 12 Jun, 2007 21:05

ok, here is my story. Our pool was very cloudy (white) about 3-4 weeks ago. we couldn't even see the bottom or the automatic vacuum. then we went to a local store, had the water checked, more products in the water, loads of rain and finally about 1 week ago the pool was 100% perfect. the vacuum is on everyday for about 8 hours.
I have been swimming every day until today that I was inside the pool and decided to touch the walls and this white cloudy "thing" -it's like powder- came out again in some areas of the pool. after that my hands, arms, got really itchy and painful. there is no rash, it just feel almost like I have tiny bits of glass inside my skin! So, the question is, does anybody know if it's possible for any dangerous paint or chemical to came out in the water or maybe it's just an excess of calcium/chlorine?? they told me the pool is fiberglass finish but I'm not sure. it looks like white paint and the water looks blue but cloudy (getting white again).... :?
any ideas will be highly appreciated! thanks

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Postby Buggsw » Tue 12 Jun, 2007 22:30

You didn't post your water test results. It could be the pH or Alk or combined chlaramines.

I don't know a lot about fiberglass pools but I know a forum that has several members with them. Perhaps if you go there you can find some answers. www dot troublefreepool dot com

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