How high to keep chlorine ppm and when to shock ?

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How high to keep chlorine ppm and when to shock ?

Postby kentuckybob1952 » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 08:06

I have 18000 gal, IG, vinyl liner. Pool is doing very nicely this year thanks to all the info I have received from reading everyone's posts. My question is what level should I try to keep my chlorine at and how often should I shock. Pool stores have always said to shock weekly, but if my CC level is zero, is this necessary? Thanks in advance........Kentuckybob.

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Postby Walter » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 08:33

Your test kit should show a proper range for the chlorine as for shocking I am guessing it is up to you, I don't show mine everyweek. I try to keep algeaside in there weekly or bi weekly. If I notice anything growing I will shock it. Good Luck
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Postby Backglass » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 12:10

The proper range for chlorine is 1-3ppm with 2ppm being optimal. (A health department will typically close down a pool with less than 1ppm)

To shock you want at least 10ppm. It's a good idea to shock after it rains or heavy bather load.
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Postby Buggsw » Fri 15 Jun, 2007 17:40

Actually, the proper range of chlorine depends on how much CYA you have in your pool.

The higher the CYA the less effective chlorine is, so you need to keep a higher ppm daily and even higher shock levels.

That is why testing your water regularly is so important. A couple of minutes to test regularly can save you hours of heartache and work to get your pool back in balance.

You need to shock whenever your combined chloramines get to .3 or above. The goal is to have 0 chloramines.

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