Thinking about buying a new filter

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Thinking about buying a new filter

Postby Brian87gt » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 14:48

I have a sand filter now for my 21' above ground pool (10,000 gallons). Every year it seems I have a problem with cloudy water, and I was wanting to upgrade to a DE type of filter. I was also told they do a MUCH better job of filtering the water as well. Any idea on what size I would need to get? Can I use my ihp pump, and strainer that I've been using with my sand filter? Thanks

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Postby Buggsw » Thu 14 Jun, 2007 01:40

I've had DE, cartridge and sand.

I can tell you that DE definately is the speediest at filtering a pool.
However, I got tired of having to reload the powder after every backwash and having to open it up and clean it out twice a year. Always go with a larger filter than just a right-sized filter. I had a FNS 60 for my pool of 15K gallons.

Cartridge - pfft, I know a lot of people like them - I don't. True, you don't backwash them, but you do have to clean the cartridges regularly. That takes too much time, for me and replacing them is quite pricey.

Sand - I've had 2. I had one years ago filled with sand. They are the slowest of all the filters to clear your water. What a DE filter can do in 24 hours, it takes a Sand filter 3 days. However, I now have a sand filter, but filled with Zeobest instead of sand. I really love it. Again, get one that is at least 2 sizes up from the right-sized filter for your pool. Backwashing is a breeze. I like it as well as my DE filter as far as clarity and no handling of DE.

One thing I do recommend if you go with sand filter, get a 6 way multiport valve instead of the older style push/pull valve.

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