Beaded liners diameter seems way too small?

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Beaded liners diameter seems way too small?

Postby Guest » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 21:50

I have an 18' x 52'' above ground pool I recently installed..

I must admit I may have skimped on the cove material and I will fix that in the mornin....

but I tried to install the beaded liner this evening and when I got about 3/5th around the pool it became apparent that it just wasn't big enough..

I no longer had any slack to work with and the beading started to come out at my starting point as if my starting point and where i was now were playing tug of war until the starting point pulled out..

I understand you need a nice warm day and It certainly wasn't warm, but should it need to be stretched that much? And can I depend on the sun to do this trick for me tomorrow when its warm and sunny?

everything is true, plumb, round, level, and square, I'm just lacking a bit of base cove material


liner stretch

Postby NWMNMom » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 17:21

you really DO need to have hot sun to install the liner. A few degrees of difference will actually be the make or break of a good liner install - its amazing how much better they stretch in with warm sun. Never install a liner in the evening or on a cool day to get the best fit.

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