Pressure gauge leak

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Pressure gauge leak

Postby Cornelius » Thu 14 Jun, 2007 18:10

I am in a foreign country so it's not always very easy to get help and proper equipment.

I had a non-working pressure gauge on my sand filter that I decided to replace.

When I unscrewed it, a little piece of the plastic around the "screw in spot" where the gauge goes broke. I went to put the new gauge in, but I still have water leaking through, and particularly when the pump is on.

Part of the reason is that the threading part of the gauge doesn't seem to be long enough as the gauge butts up against the edge of the area it screws into.

Any advice?

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Postby DanO » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 00:02

If you can find some thread repair compound (or just plain epoxy), you might be able to make your own repair. Make sure everything is dry before applying the repair goop. I think your only other alternative would be to try to plug the hole and do without the gauge, unless you can get a new or used replacement cover. Good luck!

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