Great advice on pool building!!

Construction or upgrading of new or existing
swimming pools. Pool building materials and
miscellaneous construction techniques.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Great advice on pool building!!

Postby Suzianne » Wed 15 Feb, 2006 20:10

hi, a friend put me onto this ebook, helped me a lot with the construction of my pool swimmingpoolbuyerguide it covers everything i could have possibly ever thought of, in fact more than I could think of, very good, hope this helps someone :o

Pool Help

Pool building advice

Postby Pool Help » Thu 16 Feb, 2006 07:11

I checked out the site. Pretty poor!

No information, no links. Only paid advertising and a way to purchase an expensive e-book without even a sample chapter. Even the email link doesn't work.

Well, the internet is a free "world".

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