Green grease like substance in skimmer basket

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Green grease like substance in skimmer basket

Postby rat407 » Thu 14 Jun, 2007 20:22

Quick run down, 24k gallon inground pool, vinyl liner, had a sand filter but it went out last Friday and I'm waiting for new one to arrive tomorrow. Have pool on circulate to keep water moving but can't use old filter due to leak I can not stop on cracked filter housing. Went to clean out the skimmer basket and noticed this nasty grease feeling light green/grey stuff in the basket. It wouldn't wash out really well with water and to get it off my hands I had to use soap. What is it? Some form of algae? Before the filter went out the pool looked great and chemicals all in check, water still looks ok no green tint, still kind of clear just not sparkling and spots of what was in the skimmer basket on the pool floor as well. I have been shocking the pool in hopes of keeping it with in a safe range and not be all out of wack when I get the new filter in tomorrow.

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