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Pool Wizard help

Postby Josie » Mon 20 Feb, 2006 08:00

I got a Pool Wizard from the US pool help site about 6 weeks ago. My problem is I can't seem to measure my chlorine now.

I test the free chlorine and it always shows normal. I have chlorine pucks in a floater, but used to shock my pool weekly. I haven't added any shock for 6 weeks now and the pucks seem to be dissolving slower than before.

I borrowed my neighbor's test kit (tablet) and it showed 2.0 . Should I shock the pool? Why doesn't the chlorine reading change? Are the minerals preventing me from getting a proper result?


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Pool Wizard help

Postby Larry » Mon 20 Feb, 2006 13:39

Hi Josie

Thanks for the question. It has been asked a lot.

The situation you described is normal. You do not have a problem with your chlorine readings. The nature of the Pool Wizard is to reduce the chlorine demand (as well as eliminate the use of algaecides, clarifiers . . .). That means even when you add small amounts of chlorine, it remains available as free chlorine for long periods of time.

My only concern is that your chlorine level is at 2.0ppm. This amount of chlorine, while normal for pools without mineral systems, is not necessary with the Pool Wizard. It does not affect the Pool Wizard in any way, but chlorine is a known carcinogen, so the less we use the better. We recommend a free chlorine level of 0.5 - 1.0ppm. I suggest reducing the number of chlorine tablets in your floating dispenser to leave a chlorine residual in this range.

If you need any further clarification, please post back here.

Pool Wizard help

Postby Josie » Tue 21 Feb, 2006 15:56

Thanks for the prompt clear answer Larry. If anything else comes up I'll be sure to check in here again.

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