water color..will it change

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water color..will it change

Postby mally » Fri 15 Jun, 2007 14:31

Hey folks,

I just installed a new fiberglass pool with the granite gelcoat, and the water color is just clear. In all my research the water color I was lead to believe would be a dark blue. I will say that we just filled it up and it still needs about 4-5 more inches of water, and no chemicals have been added. It is just straight tap water.

Does anyone have any suggestions or comments regarding fiberglass pool colors, or does anyone have a granite color and if so what is your color.

I'm very unhappy right now, as it looks like I have a big hot tub in my back yard. I am new to the forum and this is my first pool, so any comments are welcome. If the forum allows photos let me know how and I'll post one up.


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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby Buggsw » Fri 15 Jun, 2007 17:04

I'm sorry to say that the water color will not change by adding chemicals. If it did, it would stain your suits, skin, hair, etc.

You should probably speak with your pool builder.

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