Pool water has small "particles" in it

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Pool water has small "particles" in it

Postby Candice » Fri 15 Jun, 2007 19:15

We had this exact same problem last year. Small white particles floating in the water making it hard to see the bottom of the shallow end and impossible to see the deep end. All levels are good except for the ph is 6.8 and Cyanuric Acid is reading 0. We have shocked.......alot...which was what ended up clearing the water last year (along with a bottle of clarifier) but this year it seems to be going ALOT slower than usual. Since our chlorine levels are high I have been adding clarifier each night, turning the pump off for 1-2 hrs then vacuming for maybe 2 hrs then it runs all night long. This seems to clean it up a little bit but not quick enough for me!!! I should be swimming already and I feel like I have wasted half the summer staring at unclear water. Please help....any suggestions would be appreciated!

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