buying new pool help please someone

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donkey dawn11

buying new pool help please someone

Postby donkey dawn11 » Wed 22 Feb, 2006 17:41

Thinking about the purchase of a new inground pool dont real know which to get I have been leaning on a fiberglass pool or a grinite pool i have ruled out a liner pool. can someone tell me the best type to get. by the way I have small kids. How about costs? Would like to know the pros and cons thanks

Pool Help

New swimming pool

Postby Pool Help » Thu 23 Feb, 2006 03:54

My preference is a gunite pool. Years down the line you are able to resurface or repair the pool relatively easily.

Fiberglass is not as tolerant to surfacing or repairs, though many find it easier to maintain.

A good fiberglass pool will not give you any problems, but neither will a well-finished gunite pool.

In making the decision, budget is usually one of the key factors.

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Postby Poolz » Thu 23 Feb, 2006 04:00

See this swimming pool discussion about gunite/ concrete vs. fiberglass.
donkey dawn11

thanks to forum

Postby donkey dawn11 » Mon 27 Feb, 2006 07:48

A strong thankyou to all the replys I will keep you informed about the progress and I will carefully look at my options. Thanks again for your responses I feel better about making the decision

thanks from donkey dawn11
Pool Help

Pool surface

Postby Pool Help » Mon 27 Feb, 2006 07:53

Good luck with the new pool and keep us posted of developments.

Once the pool is filled, perhaps we can give you some guidance as to the maintenance of your new pool.

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