change sand in filter

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change sand in filter

Postby dale » Thu 23 Feb, 2006 17:41

I have a Hayward S210T sand filter and i want to change my sand. How do I get my pool pipes to come loose from the top of my filter..I am stumped..

Pool Help

Pool filter problem

Postby Pool Help » Fri 24 Feb, 2006 02:53

Hi Dale

There are 3 pipes coming out of the multiport valve.
1. water from the pump
2. return line to the pool
3. waste water discharge

These pipes are typically either connected to your pool piping with clamps or with threaded adapters. Loosen the clamps or adapters to free the multiport valve for removal. The ends of the pipes will remain on the valve so you may end up with an awkward, cumbersome assembly.

If your plumbing system does not include clamps or adapters, please supply more information on the system, and post a picture here too if you can.

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