Draining an above ground pool in attempt to rid algae

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Draining an above ground pool in attempt to rid algae

Postby ZigZag » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 01:48

What dangers are there in draining an above ground in an attempt to rid the pool of algae and switch from Baquacil to chlorine?

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Postby Buggsw » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 14:11

Shrinking of the liner. I think it's not wise to drain completely.

You can convert and get rid of algae at the same time without draining.

Basically you switch by treating as you do for algae, by adding a lot of chlorine and filtering/backwashing. I gather your pool will turn all colors of the rainbow during the process but that is normal.

There are several people who have made the switch that hang out over at www dot troublefreepool dot com. You might want to go there for questions. Also, I think a majority of members have vinyl pools.

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