Replacement coping

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Replacement coping

Postby hkelly4 » Thu 23 Feb, 2006 21:36

Hi All!
New to IG pool ownership. Bought a home w/ a 16x32 hole in the ground. Pool hasnt been filed in 8 yrs. I have alot of work ahead of me- I know. I am starting to purchase major items, as I dont have a budget to buy everything I need at once. I am certain I am going to need new coping for the liner. I estimate the pool to be atleast 25 years old. The coping in the track now is stainless steel? And when I get to popping it out to get the old liner out, I am sure that I will need to replace. Anyone have any ideas about where I can find this type of coping????


Pool coping replacement

Postby Poolz » Fri 24 Feb, 2006 02:56

It is so hard to give an answer without seeing the old coping. Take a section to a few local pool stores and see if they have a suitable alternative. You may consider posting a picture here of the coping in the hope that one of the pool pros who visit these forums can help.

replacement coping

Postby doug » Sun 07 May, 2006 18:20

Like you, I bought a home with a 16x32 inground pool but it was built when they used metal coping, circa 1978-1980...but now the coping looks awful and they are beginning to pop up because the screws are breaking. I would like to replace the coping but all the pool people do not know where I can get them. It's crazy!

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