25,000 gallons of skim milk

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25,000 gallons of skim milk

Postby Hemlock » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 10:04

We have a 33' above ground 25,000 gallon pool with a 250 lb. sand filter. We have replaced the sand. Replaced 1/3 of the water. Clarified it. Shocked it. Swept to waste. Brushed it. Backwashed. Spent about $600 on chemicals. We haven't had rain in 3 weeks. We have done these processes over and over to no avail. Our pool still looks like skim milk. Here are my readings...


TH Purple??? Why purple?
TC 3
FC 2
PH 7.2
TA 120

I don't know to do next. I am letting my kids swim anyway. Just not go under. I am afraid I will lose them. Does anyone have a clue? I AM having a problem keeping my TA up. Should I keep it a little high?

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Postby Buggsw » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 13:27

What is your CYA (stabilizer) level?
What is your calcium level?

What chemicals are you adding to your pool? ie type of chlorine, what you are using to keep your pH/TA up, etc.

Are you really having trouble keeping your TA up or did you mean your pH?

If you are using test strips, do yourself a favor and get a real test kit or take your water to a pool store to have it tested.

Post back with your readings.

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