25,000 gallons of skim milk

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25,000 gallons of skim milk

Postby Hemlock » Sun 17 Jun, 2007 10:10

OOPS! We had placed this in the algae forum...we meant to place it here. We have a 33' above ground 25,000 gallon pool with a 250 lb. sand filter. We have replaced the sand. Replaced 1/3 of the water. Clarified it. Shocked it. Swept to waste. Brushed it. Backwashed. Spent about $600 on chemicals. We haven't had rain in 3 weeks. We have done these processes over and over to no avail. Our pool still looks like skim milk. Here are our readings...


TH Purple??? Why purple?
TC 3
FC 2
PH 7.2
TA 120

This year got off to a bad start.

We don't know to do next. We are letting the kids swim anyway. Just not go under. We are afraid we will lose them. Does anyone have a clue? We ARE having a problem keeping our TA up. Should we keep it a little high?

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