Is Pebble tech a good surface?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pebble Tech Surfaces

Postby crazyannie » Fri 14 Mar, 2008 19:52

I have been doing pools a lot of years and have come to work with a company that just installs pebble tech surfaces. And as a tech and have been through the staining in diamond brite. I find this surface to be far superior to Quartz, Marcite, Fiberglass and Vinyl Pools. These are the edge pools. They look nice and can make the value of your house increase.
But the issues that I see here are chemical, or improper maintence and maybe just not enough known about the positives of these surfaces.
Salt and pebble tec is ideal, Salt generators produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is a lighter abrasive.
Proper Brushing which should have been a first hand religious exp. the first year of install.
Do you know that Pebble Tec pools are only warrented by a running time of 10 hours?
There is a reason for that all those rough edges. Think about it if a stream runs over the top of rocks they become soft and sometimes slippery.
But if water just passes over the top peridically they become rough.( Especially if chemicals just sit on the surface and are not moved around by a good brushing)
Circulation, is the key here.
Another thing is chemicals
With what I have been through
1-3 on chlorine in the winter
2-4 in the summer
Bump your salt genrators to 70-100 percent depending on what amount of usage your pool gets. In the summer (Winter keep it at 20-35%)
PH hmm I hear 7.4 and I guess its a reccomendation. I prefer 7.2 but you have to be careful and maintain your alk level after it rains. And if you have a gas heater.
Alk in these pools can safely be maintained at 80-100
And when it hits 80, I add 3 pounds mixed with water around the best part of circulation in the pool.
And I hear a lot about stains,
One stain I have not seen here is the dreaded cauliflower stain that starts at the main drain and then blossoms out all over the pool.
That is a stain from fertilizer.
High chlorine readings produce a scale of white icycles.
Plants fertilized can cause overspray and can and will end up in your pool.
Metal test are a fact when you have high iron,copper,magnesiem.
etc. Im not a great speller but I do know pools.
Less is more with pebble tech surfaces.

Kelly in az

Pebble or quartz plaster

Postby Kelly in az » Fri 18 Apr, 2008 20:32

My pool builder said don't go with pebble he said he has done 20 to 25 refinishes last year becuase of calcuim build up then people acid washed them then the pebbles start to loosen up and fallout. He said you can't acid wash a pebble tech pool plaster/quartz finish can be drained and buffed with buffers like rubbing out a car finish or acid wash it. He makes more money on the pebble but doesn't recommend it. He said calcuim build up in the cracks is the main thing he sees. I don't like how rough it is we like to have fun in our pool we dont need a stubbed toe or feet that are torn up. I have had plaster pools for years and if you take care of them they last just as long.

Pebble tech and pebble sheen

Postby scott » Wed 30 Apr, 2008 19:32

I recently had my pool refinished in Pebble sheen. Right off the bat I was seeing color differances in the finish. After spending the first 30 days adding lots of acid to balance the pool, I noticed the discolored areas where growing. My mostly black pool is now mostly a white calcuim looking color. My refinisher gave me no instructions on this finish other than to keep my ph balanced. Great advice! Now I am looking at having the pool drained and acid washed to clean it up. Swim season is here and I have spent $6000 so far and still can't enjoy the pool or spa. I strongly reccommend that you research and ask lots of questions before going to peeble tech or peeble sheen. Don't assume that the refinisher will take care of anything. My pool surface is very rough despite evryone telling me it would not be. The spa is not smooth or slippery anymore. The rough surface will catch your swimsuit is not very enjoyable to sit on.

Pebble Tec

Postby Goldenglow » Wed 16 Jul, 2008 15:03

We purchased a custom spec home with a pebble tec swimming pool. Six yrs. later, the pebble tec that was blown on the Rolled Bond Beam chipped away in big chunks into the swimming pool, and there are other cracks in other areas. Our pool is rarely swam in and maintained by a licensed pool company over the yrs. I received an estimate from several different co's for between $2,500-$3,500 to replace it with the same, or go with a different material (flagstone). I was told by one company, that Pebble Tec is not a good product above the water line. (it was popular when it was used on my pool in 2001). The warranty is 2 yrs. above the water line, and 5 yrs. below. I'm remiss to replace Pebble Tec with the same.

Pebple pool surfacing

Postby MJH1948 » Sun 27 Jul, 2008 17:43

I have recently remodelled to Wet Edge pebble system from 20+ years of's night and day! No more stains or worries about rough surfaces. Make sure you get a lot of references for the installers and pay the extra for the smoothest surface finish. Take a look at installations as the color looks really different when completed and filled with water. Also go salt's awesome!

cracks in pebble tech rolled edge - help!!

Postby DesertFlower » Mon 01 Dec, 2008 00:08

We are 2nd owners (for six years) of a 14-year-old house whose Pebble Tec pool we believe was installed at the time of construction. So it's a 14-year-old pool.

We maintain the pool correctly and carefully, and we've been delighted with the Pebble Tec surface. However, cracks have recently developed in the rolled Pebble Tec edge (above water line). We've been told, as someone posted above, that Pebble Tec can be a problematic material above the water line.

Can anyone offer advice on this problem? Can it be repaired? We certainly don't want to resurface the entire pool.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

pool stains

Postby sewimagine » Mon 01 Dec, 2008 17:32

We just finished resurfacing our pool with pebble tech. We did it ourself and it is beautiful...however 24 hours later we have several stains from eggcorns. Any suggestions as to how to remove them?

Pebble tech stains

Postby flagpools » Mon 16 Mar, 2009 07:21


Do you mean acorns?? :)

Is Pebble tech a good surface?

Postby Terry » Sat 18 Apr, 2009 12:02

I had a pebble tec pool built last year and am constantly having to adjust my alkalinity up and drive the ph down. My question is- Could the pH be rising due to the cement that was used during construction to create the shell and is also mixed with the pebbles during application. FYI- My pool is salt water with an electronic chlorine generator.
Any ideas?

whitened pebble-tec

Postby craig » Sat 12 Sep, 2009 20:03

mrede wrote:I have a pebble-tec pool. I have maintained it for the last 2 years with occasional help from local pool supply store.

Recently I put in Algaecide (liquid) agent in the jacuzzi. And I added chlorine. Somehow the combination bleached the bottom of the jacuzzi. So now my pebble-tec looks whitened on the bottom of the jacuzzi.

I tried a rubber brush to see if I could scrape it off. No success.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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