Pentair minimax

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Sum Guy

Pentair minimax

Postby Sum Guy » Tue 19 Jun, 2007 00:00


I started my minimax up this year and ran it for an hour or so
the thermal fuse burnt.
I replaced it and did my best to clean the burner as I noticed tall yellow flame. However I was unable to really clean the burner effectivly due to the fact that there are covers over the actual orifice`s? I dont think these can
be removed but I dont know for sure.

Prior to cleaning it I had tall yellow in one section of the burner
the 6th one from the right.
After cleaning I have yellow in miltiple burners in random spots.

I hooked it back up and the thermal fuse burnt again.

Question 1
Is there a better way to clean the burner?
Compressed air> Some chemical? Water?

Question 2
Does it sound like I am correct in suspecting the tall yellow
flame as the culprit? If not what shold be done next.

This unit is 2 years old

Thanks a million


Postby Guest » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 23:04

Never mind
I took it back apart and found out what went wrong.
FYI it was just dirty. Not the orifices but the internal burner sections.
I used a can of compressed air and blew down into wher the flames come out
and lots of debris came out of the large intake holes. I put in another
thermal fuse and it has been working fine ever since.

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