Pool leak problem

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Pool leak problem

Postby Frustrated » Mon 27 Feb, 2006 04:26

My pool is losing about 3-4" water a week. I have noticed the ground near the skimmer is always damp and think the problem could be at the skimmer.

I need some advice on how I can pinpoint the leak.

Leak Detector

Skimmer leak

Postby Leak Detector » Mon 06 Mar, 2006 16:55

Try plug the hole at the bottom of the skimmer and see if the water loss continues. That way you will be able to tell if the leak is in the plumbing or in the skimmer casing.

Postby Guest » Fri 21 Apr, 2006 00:24

get a rod and probe the groung around the skimmer that is a definate way to tell leak could be in skimmer blumbing
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Pool leak problem

Postby jenniferhoops » Thu 25 Aug, 2011 01:24

I think you have to call for the professional plumber to solve this water loosing problem.
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Pool leak problem

Postby ChuckGeo » Thu 25 Aug, 2011 16:15

If plugging the skimmer line doesn't stop the leak, I'd do a dye test dye test of the skimmer throat & check the skimmer body for cracks. I'd also recommend that you perform a set of water loss measurements - inch loss over 24 hours with the pump on and 24 hours with the pump off. Same on & off measurements means the leak is probably not in the plumbing, while different on & off measurements indicate a plumbing leak.
You didn't say where you were, in some parts of the country 3"-4" loss per week is evaporation!
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