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Updates on my pool

Postby Amy » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 12:16

Hey Buggs,

Thank you for all your time you invest on this board. I appreciate your input.

Yes, I am keeping the Chlorine levels up. Right now Ph, Alk, and Chlorine are all at normal levels. Unfortunatly, your reply arrived after I added the Calcium increaser. I purchased a 7lb tub even though they recommended 10 1/2 pounds. I only put in about 3lbs. The lable stated to broadcast it into the pool. The first scoop I did and noticed how it started to react to the water yet sink quickly. I didn't want to have the pellets. (they look like the size of the old styrophome beads in a bean bag) laying on the bottom of the pool, so I diluted them first in water. That was freaky in of it's self. I could feel the chemical reaction in the bucket since I was standing outside of my pool and holding the bucket on the pool rail. I mixed quickly and poured it around the pool.

Yesterday morning June 27 th, exactly two weeks from starting running my pump, my pool was crystal clear. So I don't know if the calcium helped or if it was just it's time to turn clear finally. I grumbled when I read what you wrote to me of not needing the calcium. The pool store knows I have a vinyl linner, why do they say you NEED it or it will pool what it needs out of the linner. hmmmmm bones have calcium, I don't know about plastic. Or if she ment deteriorate instead. hmmmmm. Such is life, live and learn.

At this point, I know the phospates were in the 2,000 range. I watched her do the test and I read the kit while she was waiting on someone else. I have the Phose free plus, still. I wonder if I should bother using it or not. I don't know if it will help in removing more or just maintain the current level.

She tryed to sell me some other stuff that will be comming in to help remove more. Some type of Phos floc. At this point I don't feel like dumping another 30 bucks in the pool to remove, what I have never seen or heard of . ARG....this can be soooooo frustrating at times.

What do you recommend? I still have the bottle, and am still debating about returning it. It was rather heafty at $42.00 for a 1/2 gallon.

Thanks again,

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