soft water make up

Total hardness and calcium hardness in pool water.
Scale, calcium buildup, hard water and scaling problems.

soft water make up

Postby Bret » Sun 25 Mar, 2012 18:06

Where I live water is very hard. I have a 10,000 gal small pool. I use 50/50 hard water to soft water from my softener (regenerate softener once during fill so I don't damage it by putting too much demand on it) I check my calcium level to make sure I start at 250 calcium. I use water softener as make up from that point on. As long as I maintain enough.. but not too much "hard water" at fill up... the hardness remains close to the same over a couple to three years.. Problems occur with scale when you start out with hard water and make up with hard water. because the solids stay in the pool and you keep adding solids... you get scale problems too soon. Salt water generators suck. Corrodes equipment, cool deck breaks down, ph gets too high and always fighting scale. eventually you are spending more money on chemicals too keep up with the problems. I got rid of it and keep it simple. Smooth as pie now. :thumbup:


white form in water

Postby rockpk » Mon 28 May, 2012 07:41

Just fix the problem with form in water.. Stop pump, the hose at the skimmer is getting air.
Push the clam all the way up and tight the clamp tight. Make sure you have enough water in the skimmer, full all the way up... Also make sure the hose at the pumps clamp is all the way up and tight the clamp tight... Now turn on the pump. Make sure you don't see any bubbles in the basket... The water should look smooth.. When the water returns in the pool you should see lets bubbles just smooth water returning in the pool... Problem should be solved .

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