high alkalinity in small intex air ring pool

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high alkalinity in small intex air ring pool

Postby tori » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 18:06

My daughter has a small (10x3) pool that has the ring at the top you blow up. She borrowed some shock treatment from a neighbor who has a large above ground pool. She added 1/2 the bag and now the alkalinity it way high. Something like 280. The ph is 7.5 and the chlorine is 3. What should she do now?

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Postby Buggsw » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 21:39

It's highly unlikely that the shock caused high TA. It more often lowers pH and TA because they are usually slightly acidic.

What's the water look like?

What do you use to test the water? Strips? - the worst things they ever invented, IMO.

Perhaps your fill water is high in TA. Have you ever tested your fill water?

With such a small pool, it would probably be better to dump the water and refill.

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