Pressure too high

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Pressure too high

Postby blsylvia » Wed 20 Jun, 2007 21:50

I opened my pool about three weeks ago. Water was fine and very clean. Pressure has been going up a little more than usual, but I thought it was due to just opening and getting the water clean. It just seemed like I have been backwashing way more than usual.

I backwashed two days ago. Put the pump on tonight and within about two hours the pressure was up to about 25psi. I also noticed the the pump was very noisy.

I have a sand filter, and the sand was replaced last season. There are no leaves in the basket, and I checked as far as my hand would go in the pump. Skimmer is free of leaves, ect. Pressure gauge was replaced three weeks ago and the pressure does go up and down so I assume that it is working correctly.

I don't know where else to go with this problem? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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