thank you

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thank you

Postby iowa pool owner » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 07:26

yeah.... this was an existing pool that was using bromine when we got it. we would rather use chlorine but we've heard that once bromine is used you can't switch to chlorine. Of course bromine is more than twice as much money.

thanks for doing the google search.

iowa pool owner

oops. sorry. This was a reply to buggs

Postby iowa pool owner » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 07:27

should've posted under my other post.
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Postby Buggsw » Fri 22 Jun, 2007 01:35

You're welcome. Google is a good friend of mine - ha ha.

For instance, I just Googled "convert from bromine to chlorine" and found, you are exactly correct. You cannot convert directly from bromine to chlorine.

The only way to convert is to totally drain and rinse your pool. So, consider that at some point, if you ever drain your pool, that would be an ideal time to convert.

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