sand filters - whats the best?

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sand filters - whats the best?

Postby haskinsjesse » Thu 02 Mar, 2006 16:22

i have an in-ground pool and spa operated by 1 system. i have a guy scheduled to install a new filter next week.
he told me about these: Pentair TA100 or Hayward SP310T. the hayward holds 500 compared to 600 of the Pentair but other than that he said they are the same in quality.

is this true? does it really not matter? is there a place to see how these are rated?


Pool Help

Sand filter choice

Postby Pool Help » Sun 05 Mar, 2006 12:05

The info you have been given is the same as the manufacturers advertise. I found it quite strange that apart from the volume of sand, all the other specs are identical.

If you have no preference, I would go for the Pentair because of the extra sand. The more sand (or zeolite) you have in the filter, the better and finer the filtration.

How do the quotes compare?

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