vaccuming my indoor pool

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vaccuming my indoor pool

Postby hockeypucker » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 16:14

HELP.l have an indoor pool but am not sure what position to put filter in after l have shut off pump to get vaccum set up.
l have a mani valve and a skimmer l close both? to create vaccum.l have a creeper and l have suction but it is not going and it has in the past and l just want to make sure l am set up right as it has been a while.planning a wedding for 7-7-07 and a bit scatter brained right now...........thank you

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Postby Backglass » Thu 21 Jun, 2007 20:20

You leave your filter on "Filter" when vacuuming. After all you want whatever your vacuum sucks up to be filtered out! Be sure to rset it to "rinse" for a few minutes after you are done.

If the skimmer is sucking water, then it will also vacuum. If you don't have a dedicated vacuum port, stick it in the skimmer. If you can isolate all the "suckage" to the port with the vacuum, that would be best.

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